Pat Kay

by Pat Kay

A personal portfolio of a Web/UI Designer & Front-end Developer from Sydney, Australia.


by Create the Bridge

Voyager is a social media aggregation tool that allows to gather all your social media in one place.

William Lin

by William Lin

William Lin, London based Art Director.

Thrive Solo

by Jerome Iveson

Beautiful Project Management Software for Freelancers. Time Tracking Software, Quotes, and Invoicing Software that’s flexible and easy to use.


by Syung Hong

Typepick is a simple a webpage builder that you can use to create an online order page for your products or services.


by Joey Lomanto

A simple, affordable, and customizable job hosting platform for companies to showcase their jobs and build great teams

Ross Popoff-Walker

by Ross Popoff-Walker

Ross Popoff-Walker is a UX Designer and Product Leader, working with startups.


by Mathias Høst Normark

Keep track of your driving and export your trips when you need to file expense reports, do your taxes or other deductions

Stephane Reverdy

by Stephane Reverdy is the portfolio of Stephane Reverdy, icon+ui designer.

Traveling Picture Show

by Paper Tiger

The Traveling Picture Show Company is a director-driven commercial production company, inspired by the traveling motion picture and entertainment acts of the early 20th Century to bring creativity, mobility and flexibility to markets big and small around the globe. Designed and built by Paper Tiger, the site showcases the company’s directors and work.


by Christian

Dropscan is a cloud-driven postal mail and paper document scanning service.

Soixante Quinze


75 is a production company. We represent directors, we produce commercials, music videos, digital content and short films.