by Julien Millies

Looklist is a way to finally search and sort for the exact high-quality fashion and hairstyle image inspiration you want.

Dorothee Schumacher

by superReal

Discover the World of Women High Fashion of Dorothee Schumacher at the official Website and Onlineshop!


by superReal

IMAARI is an innovative premium online shop, in which ladies can design their own unique pairs of exclusive, hand-crafted shoes.

Volta Footwear

by Roberto Bruno

Launched europe-wide at the beginning of 2007, Volta is aimed at designing and marketing “instant classics”. Taking inspiration from the classics of footwear, the founders created and keep on developing a new, comfortable hybrid between the sneaker and a casual product, crafted to become part of the “everyday” outfit; along the needs of an updated, tasteful international audience.


by Tobias

Online Accessoires Shop for Him and Her.

The Mexican Affair

by Crowd

Explore some incredible photography and the world’s leading models in a HTML 5 journey through a 2 day photoshoot in Mexico.


by The Pomo

Oxydo eyewear is aimed at a target market of people with a refined, original sense of style who stand out in a crowd. Hence the brand’s decidedly fashion/design-oriented approach, with trendy details and a distinctive choice of colourway, pulled together in a clean, elegant style.

Stiinas Vintage

by Alexander Munk

Stiina’s vintage is a shop of a Finnish stylist living in Berlin. Due to her roots, the exquisite Finnish vintage pieces create the highlights of the shop, but you will also find brilliant Scandinavia


by Demac Media

Grafic is an eCommerce site specializing in contemporary fashions for men and women.

Marco Proietti Design

by Awd Agency

Marco Proietti loves accessories. His style is inspired by the mix between elegance and sensual attitude and the result is a really glamorous identity. His creations express a rich and defined style, focusing on color contrasts, proportions and details research.

EB Italy

by Awd Agency

The idea of EB was conceived by the Santoni family, shoe artisans since 1976. Produced completely in the shoe factory of Fermo, an area well known and valued for their mastery of shoe making.

Van Gils

by Hans Nagtegaal

Van Gils Fashion is a Dutch based fashion company and home to its iconic brand Van Gils.